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Aguila Invest

Aguila Invest specialises in connecting institutional investors and select HNW & UHNW investors with world class alternative investments. We provide access to alternative funding sources for top-tier businesses and procure tailored investment opportunities for investors. 


Aguila Invest seeks to build deep and lasting partnerships with our clients by utilising our specialist knowledge of the needs of companies throughout their lifecycle. We are able to meet each client's specific requirements, whether that be capital raising, structuring bespoke funding solutions or strategic corporate guidance.



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Charles Phillips

Charles has a wealth of experience in Institutional Finance and Capital Markets (with JP Morgan & Guggenheim Partners amongst other leading institutions) and specialises in raising capital for businesses, structuring financial solutions, providing strategic corporate guidance and connecting investors with alternative investments.

His career has spanned Asset Management, Capital Markets, FX Markets, Infrastructure, Insurance, Structured Finance, Treasury  and Real Estate, having executed a diverse range of financial transactions across various sectors and countries.

This gives Aguila Invest access across the market to a broad portfolio of alternative investment opportunities globally, with an emphasis on investments which offer high-growth and exceptional value.

What We Do

What We Do

Aguila Invest capitalises on its strong relationships with both financial institutions and top-tier businesses to create a synergy which benefits all parties to a transaction. We only work with companies which excel in their field, seeking to create exceptional value by acting as an interface between parties who may never otherwise interact in the large and diverse field of investment.


Investors can transact with the assurance that they are only going to be introduced to premium quality investments which will meet or exceed their investment return parameters whilst never exceeding the level of risk they are comfortable with as an investor.

Businesses can be confident that they are reaching new sources of finance from institutions with the knowledge and appetite to become a sustainable alternative source of funding.

Our emphasis is on ensuring that the right relationships are built and that each transaction stands out in its own right. Yet we look beyond a single transaction to the forging of long lasting ties which can add to the strategic capabilities of all parties over the longer term.

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